Introduction of EPSON Dx5 Heads

EPSON heads are famous for its high precision & high speed. As for EPSON Dx5 heads, the parameters are as below:

1. The width of head is 24.5 mm, and every head has eight columns of nozzles with 180 nozzles per column. So there are total 1440 nozzles.

2.With unique wave variable size connection printing technology,which can avoid the lines caused by passes.And the printing image will be vivid.

3.FDT technology:When the inkdrop diminishes of any nozzles, there will be variable signal to make the nozzles smooth. FDT technology is unique core technology of Maxcan,which will prolong printers service time.

4.Inkdrop is 3.5PL,which can make printing output with high resolution. Though compared with high-precison pictures, it’s also perfect.the thin is only 0.2mm,which is similiar to hair. It’s easy to find that EPSON heads can provide good printing output on any materials.

The parameters & types of heads directly decide the precision and speed of a led UV flatbed printer.Thus, among large format industrial UV flatbed printers, the suppliers who can get the core technology,combined with EPSON Dx5 print heads to R & D high-quality UV flatbed printers, they will be outstanding.