Inspection Methods of Malfunctions of UV Printers

In fact, it’s easy to deal with some malfunctions of UV printers if users can prepare the parts to replace the easily damaged parts,such as interface card, PCI card and some data transmission cables.

Malfunction 1,how to check if the step test function of UV printers has something wrong?
Solution:First of all, users surely need to keep regular and stable value of interface board voltage. Then to adjust step driver with maintenance of voltage 36V. And to correctly connect pulse signal lines.

Malfunction 2,one or some or even all print heads cannot print normally.
Solution:First of all, users need to make inkpush and test the print heads after cleaning them.If there is still one print head which cannot print normally, users can check print head board.If there are still some or all print heads which cannot print normally,users can check and change the color separation plate.

Malfunction 3,UV printers cannot make precise positioning and frequently make mistakes.
Solution:Check 15 component cable and interface card. If there is something wrong,users need to change on time.

Malfunction 4,frequent appearance of malfunctions during UV printers working process, such as sudden stop of printing,positioning error, inkjet out of control and so on.
Solution:Re-install or change the PCI card. Check the connection and status of 37 and 68 component cables, and connect or change them on time.

Malfunction 5,the carriage of UV printers collides with printing media frequently.
Solution:Press emergency switch to stop printers,readjust and calculate the suitable height of carriage and open the anti-collision system of carriage, send it back to initial position. Then stop software operation,UV printers and relevant computers. After a while, open again.

Malfunction 6,though UV printers make connections with computers, the printers still cannot get the data and work normally.
Solution: Re-install or change the PCI card and interface board. After the re-installation, open computers and UV printers again to test the data transmission and work of printers.