Inkjet Printing Systems is Better Than Traditional Printing System

UV printers is rapidly developing with the continuous development of computer control technology and packaging technology, which now has been applied in many modern factories and automatic packaging lines.

UV printers use ink-jet printing technology. With advanced inkjet printing system, customers only simply press the keyboard during operation to change font, sign and various graphics. Ink-jet printing has the advantages which other printings are lack of, such as adaptability, intelligence, low cost and free-pollution. The operator can easily and quickly print on the packaging with date, size, shelf life, quantity, QR code and so on. Inkjet printing products is dried fast, which can immediately enter the next process. Different from traditional packaging and printing, inkjet printing no longer require plates making or specialized processes.

Inkjet printing system is better than traditional printing.Besides black and white and color printing function, it can offer data processing and information storage functions. It does this by selecting (installation) memory storage, then user can store hundreds of coding and characters. It is connected to the computer, then it can achieve work records,reports and print.

When it is connected with the host computer, it can print on the package (or media) with the weight,recording various data and cloud and other atmospheric rendering coming from satellite. Inkjet printing has been widely used in the field of various shapes and surface of package, both for perforated and non-porous, flat and curved, fabric or surface of the belt-shaped bones, such as plastic, cloth, paper, leather, ceramics, glass,metal and so on.

Inkjet printing system also can be applied into all kinds of speed printing, regardless of uniform speed, variable speed or intermittent operation, it’s most suitable for continuous non-stop packaging production line operations.

Continuous ink jet printing production for printing number, date, etc., is more economical and faster than other printing or adhesive labels.

The principle of inkjet printing for packaging inkjet printing and inkjet printing for the office area is the same. Now take Ceramic tile Printing Machine for an example, we will introduce the principle of inkjet printing.

To meet the above performance requirements of inkjet ink, inkjet ink generally consists of the following components: solvent, colorant, surfactant, humectants, pH adjusting agents, driers, sequestering agents, preservatives and other additives.

Since 1970, depending on the principle of inkjet technology, a variety of inkjet printers has been developed, and started as a commodity in the market, non-impact ink jet printers become noticeable in the area full of new, high-speed, low noise output devices.

Thus, the inkjet ink has been rapidly developed, especially for liquid ink type color inkjet printer. As early as 1974, a Germany company introduced a kind of color ink.

Ceramic 3d printer
Ceramic 3d printer