Inferior Coating Damages UV Flatbed Printers

Coating is one of important consumables of UV flatbed printers with many advantages,such as keeping color brilliancy,rapid drying,nice working,water-proof and so on.The greatest advantage of coating for UV flatbed printers is ink adhesion.
1.Weather Resistance.As for products of UV flatbed printers,especially scutcheons and advertising board,they are required to be bright like before and colorfast. Specifically,it required UV flatbed printers to be ultraviolet-proof.When exposed to sunlight for a long time, some coating will become yellow,which is not suitable for outside use.Even for the UV printers used indoors, it should be taken into consideration of weather resistance to make sure the high-quality of products.
2.Transparency of Film.As decorative products with high additional value,UV flatbed printers have high requirements for appearance.So it requires that coating is colorless and transparent.Some two-component coating based on epoxy in the market easily turns yellow,which influence the decorative effects.
3.Product Safety:Product safety must be taken into consideration when choosing UV flatbed printers. Coating of Solvent type UV flatbed printers emits strong smell, and it’s dangerous if it cannot be stored in correct way.Besides, it’s hard to deliver.
4.Adhesion.There are many ways to test the adhesion,such as the Case Method.If the quality requirement of printing is high, it can check if products will fade after soaking or boiling.It’s key to test the adhesion of coating.Nice UV flatbed printers should be approved by Case Method and after soaking or boiling, it will not fade.
5.Convenience of Operation.Currently UV flatbed printer coating mainly involves two-component coating and multi-component coating.Before using the coating,it should be arranged according to users’ demands, which is inconvenient.Because of high-investment in UV printers,it’s better to take safer hydrophobic coating into consideration. If it cannot be avoided using solvent coating,UV flatbed printers should be placed separately to remove potential dangers.
6.Levelling Property.Levelling property is a performance index of coating,which means that after wiping or spraying on the surface,the brushmarks and spray particles can automatically flow into flat and smooth surface.Inferior UV flatbed printer coating will influence decorative effects of printings.What’s more, if the brushmarks cannot be removed,uneven coating surface may rub print heads of UV flatbed printers to make great damages.Nice UV flatbed printer coating with nice components should be automatically flow into flat and smooth surface after wiping or spraying.