3 Ways to Improve Image Adaptability printed by Flatbed Printer

Image adaptability are generally referring to how image printed on the substrate adapt to surroundings. Say, you print out an absolute gorgeous image, but the color gets blur or falling apart immediately the minute it touches with water, acid liquid or alkaline liquid. How do you improve image adaptability when your image being printed out ? Well, Maxcan printer has three techniques to share with you:

Firstly, coating processing. Coating is a special liquid that strengthen bonding between substrate and ink, it can greatly increase adhesion force of the ink, make sure ink are firmly adhering to substrate and not falling apart. Moreover, coating can also be very helpful in shock resistance and pressure resistance of the image.

Secondly, the Ink. Ink is of vital importance to your printing quality and image adaptability, consult your printer manufacturer to use approved or authorized ink for better printing quality. Ink is also another factor to influence your lifespan of print head. The ink with poor quality can be a nightmare both for your printing quality and printer’s performance.

Thirdly, the Varnish. Varnish is a protective coating after printing completed, it does not only makes image more shiny for better appreciation, but also makes image waterproof and aging resistant, some special varnish can even more image more low-temperature resistant, acid and alkaline resistant.

Try those above ways, make your image beautiful than ever.