iMaxcan color printing machine Ricoh Gen6 UV printer officially began production.

iMaxcan color printing machine Ricoh Gen6 UV printer officially began production.

With the strong support of (RICOH), the company successfully applied the Ricoh Gen6 print head to the field of UV printers and introduced a new Ricoh Gen6 UV flatbed printer that enables high-resolution printing while achieving high productivity. Let you need the glass printing, advertising printing, mobile phone box printing, packaging printing, home decoration printing, digital printing, leather printing, handicraft printing, etc., to meet your rapid production.

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iMaxcan Color Printing machine specializes in the R&D and production of Ricoh UV printers, and is a well-known industrial digital printing solution provider in Japan with the famous Japanese office equipment and optical machine manufacturers. This time, the color-printing machine Gen6 print head, which is the first to be supported by Ricoh, can support the minimum droplet volume of 5 pl (picoliter), and further improve the accuracy of the drop point, enabling small-grain and high-precision printing. In addition, when a large ink droplet is ejected, the printing speed and production efficiency can also be improved by a driving frequency of up to 50 kHz.

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In addition, the Ricoh G6 has enhanced bonding technology for each print head, which enhances ink compatibility and is compatible with all inks such as UV, water, and solvent. In particular, the compatibility with water-based inks has been greatly improved, and the lifespan has been more than doubled. In addition to billboard use, high productivity and durability can be achieved in toy making.

Advantages of the Gen6 print head:

1, the new variable ink technology, the ink droplets are smaller, from 7PL to 5PL; technology can achieve perfect image quality at high speed or low resolution.

2, the ignition frequency is higher, from 30KHZ to 50KHZ; increase the printing speed and achieve a substantial increase in production efficiency.

3, ink compatibility is stronger, compatible with two types of ink.

4, Ricoh G6 print head data cable is detachable, providing a more convenient design for after-sales maintenance and print head maintenance.

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In terms of machine performance, imaxcan color printing machine uses a higher performance printing system, adding and expanding more functions on the existing basis, making your printing work more efficient and printing better:

1, using high-performance gray level G6 print head combination.

2, with white color with the same print function, white ink circulation mixing function, the ink does not precipitate, to ensure the stability of printing.

3, software breakpoint continued to play, to ensure the smoothness of printing, restore high quality color.

4, all-weather industrial production mode, the perfect balance of quality and speed.

5, the new broken hole compensation function, even in the process of using broken holes, with feathering can still show beautiful printing results.

6, double PRN color white color.

7, Y-axis pulse positioning, no need to return to the origin, higher efficiency.

8, the software comes with coloring function, equipment debugging is simpler, more efficient.

9, anti-collision continuous function, can operate the equipment offline, equipment maintenance is more convenient, more time-saving.

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