How to Store the Ink of UV Flatbed Printers?

It’s well known among clients that UV ink is different from other ink.It’s not easy to store the ink as well as addition of ink for printers.The ways and places of storage of UV ink is greatly different from other ink.Correct storage will not only avoids disasters such as fire but also keeps the quality of ink to prolong the service time.

Because of the special components, when exposed to sunlight,especial strong sunlight,UV ink will be curing.Sunlight involves ultraviolet,which will make chemical reation with ink. So when we add UV ink, we must avoid the sunlight.Someone will ask: We add the ink in a room without sunlight, can we add ink without any measures?

The answer is No.The best way is to take measures to avoid sunlight under any circumstance,even under the bulb light.The specific way is to put an non-transparent thing between ink box and ink container to avoid the sunlight.Thus, UV ink will not be curing with ultraviolet.

It’s easy for UV ink to cure, so it’s important to store the ink in a correct way.The basic requirement is to store without sunlight.Secondly, after opening the ink container, it should be used as soon as possible. If not use, clients nees to seal it.On the one hand,it can avoid sunlight. On the other hand,it can avoid dust.Clients must read the instruction of ink,especially for new users of printers.Clients must contact the suppliers as soon as possible if there is any question.

Place of Storage:The place of ink storage must be shady and cool. It’s better to place in the deepest warehouse.It’s best to have glass flatbed or metal flatbed with the height leass than one meter.

Package of storage:UV ink should be packed with black bottles and then packed with paper cartons. At the same time,it’s not allowed to put something on the ink.

Staff of Storage:Non-staff cannot touch the ink. Because the ink with corrosivity cannot touch the eyes and skin. Otherwise,it must be cleaned by clean water as soon as possible.