How to Speed Up UV Flatbed Printers?

ordinary office printers only can print on special materials whose thickness is less than 1mm. They are with water ink,which is bad for waterproof and lightproof. UV flatbed printers can print highly precise images on materials, such as acrylic,wood,stone,metal,metal,glass,ceramics and plastics.
Compared with traditional technology, UV flatbed printers can offer printing with high-precision,various materials,easy digital operation and less space usage. Now clients have used UV flatbed printers instead of screen silk printing in high-end products.
With the development of life,people have increasing demands for customized products. They require colorful life so that UV flatbed printers can be applied in markets.
Some brand suppliers have the core technology. With different technology,UV flatbed printers show different working process and outputs. Fo example, Printers with EPSON heads are at lower speed with higher precision while printers with Ricoh heads are at higher speed with relative lower precision.
So it will depend on your demands according to your products to choose the printers. Maxcan can provide customized printers.