How to solve the bad curing effect of UV varnish for UV flatbed printer

  1. UV varnish not be cured thoroughly

Solutions: lower the printing speed or increase the power of the lamp.

  1. UV flatbed printer has no enough UV light or UV light tube aged.

Solutions: Check UV lamp regularly and change UV lamp with suitable power.

Don’t hold the UV lamp tube with naked hands. Otherwise the grease on hands will attach on the tube. It is suggested to clean the UV lamp tube with cleaning liquid after any contact.

  1. The varnish for the UV flatbed printer has weak anti-oxygen interference ability.

Solutions: Improve the ventilation system of work shop.


Tips for choosing good varnish:Apply about 0.5mm thickness UV varnish to the surface of white rigid paper and put under the UV lamp to cure. If there is no bubble and the surface is smooth, the UV varnish is in good quality.

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