How to solve bad printing results?

Have you ever had this situation? It cost ten or tens of thousand dollars to buy UV flatbed printers. When the printers are ready to be put in productions, the printing results got too bad. There exist some dots or lines on the printings. What happened? Printer or ink problem? Improper operation? Are you losing money? Don’t worry. Some tips will help you out there.

Firstly, let’s see why the bad printers happened.

1. Printing orifice is blocked. UV printers are printed by dots, the printing pictures of which are composed of some dots. Any one orifice is blocked, you will get a bad printing result.

2. There exist slant printings. Slant printings means printing on a wrong position, resulting in some white lines in the right positions.

Secondly, let’s find out why blocked orifice and slant printings happen.

1. Bad quality of the printers. Congratulations… the printers are not good quality. Please make sure the company is really a good one to cooperate with. Besides the price, the comprehensive strengths and intangible services are also very important while choosing an industrial printer.

2. Bad quality of ink. The explanations are the similar to the above ones.

3. Maintenance. Keep the machines in proper environment. Generally it should be 20~35℃, 30~70%RH, and better a non-dust workshop.

4. Operating frequency. Long-time working is not good for any type of things. Give it a break and keep it in good working situation, it will work with you perfectly.

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