How to Prolong Service Time of UV Printers

As for ordinary printers and UV printers, it’s brittle for users who don’t understand the performance and operation.During the process of operation, it’s easy to encounter some problems, which increases the difficulties to use the printers.
Now Maxcan will explain how to prolong service time of UV printers.

1.UV Printers should be placed on a level surface.
Because of the unique working way of UV printers, they must be placed on a level surface. Sloped level will influence the printing effects and decrease the printing speed of nozzles.So the whole printing seed will be decreased. If it’s dealt with incorrectly, it will damage the internal parts.
Try to place UV printers on a level surface,keep neat to avoid dust or substances.

2.Cleaning work should be done well.
Both inside and outside UV printers should be kept cleaning. It’s dangerous to clean until there is a thick layer of dust.Outside UV printers can be cleaned by soft wet cloths. The cleaning liquid must be neutral components,such as water. It’s forbidden to use liquid which involves alcohol.
Inside UV printers mainly involves print heads and ink systems. As for cleaning of these parts, special cleaning flush and cleaning way are a must.For dust on the surface,it’s better to use dry cloth to clean.For print heads and some important parts,it’s better to clean according to instruction of suppliers or to make after-sales staff of suppliers clean.

3.UV printers should avoid bearing heavy weight.
Just like household appliances and equipment, UV printers should avoid bearing heavy weight.Some users will put something on the printing flatbed,it’s easy to damage the shells and flatbeds of UV printers. And some small substance may get into inside printers. Drinks and cups are forbidden items,even liquid,which may get into inside printers to make irreparable damages.

4.UV printers should be tuned off before pulling the plug.
If users will not use printers or move printers,UV printers must be turned off surely. Firstly turn off the UV printers,then send nozzles back to their original place and cover the ink box, finally pull the plug and signal lines.It can avoid ink volatilization and nozzle damages during the movement of UV printers.
Before pulling the plug, it’s a must to turning off the printer,which will decrease the possibilities of printer damages.