How to prolong life of the uv printer

First, Put the uv printer on a level surface.

Due to its unique ways of working, the UV printer area uv printer placed must be flat on the ground.Tilt, uneven ground will affect the printing effect, slow the working speed of the nozzle, thus affecting the overall print speed.If mishandled, serious damage to the machine internal structure.

Place the Large format printing machine as far as possible to the whole, smooth surface, and keep the surrounding clean health, avoid internal dust or foreign body lifted up into the machine.

Second, do the cleaning work well of uv flatbed printer.

The internal and external of UV printer should be clean regularly.Don’t wait until filled with a thick layer of dust, there is a problem to remedy.

Internal refers to the print head, ink road system and so on. The cleaning of these parts need to professional cleaning liquid and cleaning way.For the dust of surface,as far as possible to use the cloth.Please follow guidance and operation of the manufacturer gave, or please let after-sales personnel to clean when cleaning the important parts such as print head.

Third, avoid heavy wight on top of uv flatbed printer.

UV printers should be avoid heavy wight on top like other household electrical appliances, equipment.Some clients will place other objects on the UV printer platform, it can be crush the UV printer shells, platform, etc., and some small things will fall into the printer.Soft drinks, tea cups belong to the banned, liquid class is strictly prohibited , in case of irreparable damage within the liquid into the machine.

Fourth, Please turn off the machine when you pull out the power line.

Please do the work of thoroughly without electricity before do not use UV printer or need to move. Turn off the uv printer power first ,Let the nozzle reset and ink lifted the lid on,then pull out the power line and signal line. So that we can effectively prevent the ink volatilize and it is not easy to damage the nozzle in the moving .

Remember to turn off the machine before pull out the power line, , so that we can effectively reduce the possibility of damage to the machine.