Three Q&As get you a wise decision on printers

Q: Is your company a factory or a trading company?
We are the manufacturer of UV printers in China. We have our own factory, research and development department.

Q: How could I know your company offers a cost-effective product?
1. We have our own factory, which is better in controlling the cost of materials.
2. Our research and development (R&D) department developed new models recently, and these machines are ready to be in the market, which means previous models in our stock need to be cleared, ensuring a lowest price with large volume production.
3. UV printers in Maxcan occupies 20% of Chinese markets, and are sold in Europe such as England, Poland and Spain, South-east of Asia, North Africa, etc., which made us control our cost continuously to ensure our export volume.

Q: Why do I choose Maxcan UV flatbed printers?
1. Over 14 years of experience in the market of UV flatbed printers, Maxcan has always been focusing on researching and developing UV flatbed printers, making Maxcan a good reputation in the market.
2. Applied imported spare parts such as German cables and Japan servo motor, it ensures more stable and reliable working conditions.
3. 3H: High stability, high quality and high speed.
4. Maxcan standard Epson machine is equipped with 2 Epson Dx5 print heads. With 8 tunnels for each print head, 180 holes for every tunnel, 1440 holes in total for each print head, Maxcan Ricoh machine is able to print at a very high speed.
Maxcan standard Ricoh machine is equipped with 3 Ricoh GEN5 print heads, but also can be upgraded to 16 heads with the ability of R&D. With 4 tunnels for each print head, 320 holes for every tunnel, 1280 holes in total for each print head, Maxcan Ricoh machine is able to print at a very high speed.
5. The ink drop of Epson print head is at the least of 3.5PL, ensuring a highest printing precision.
The Ricoh printer supports grey-scale printing. The ink drop of Ricoh print head ranges from 7 to 35PL, saving more than 30% ink compared to other print heads, and also ensuring high precision.
6. Maxcan UV flatbed printers are widely used to print a lot of materials including acrylic, metal, wood, glass, plastic, phone covers, MDF, melamine board, foam boards, PVC boards, ceramic tiles, etc. Mirror effect, 3d effect, embossing effect and flat effect can be easily achieved.
7.In addition, new models are on the shelf, and old ones are on the final promotional sale now!

So what are you waiting for? If you are looking for a UV digital flatbed printer, that’s it!
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