How to Extend the Lifespan of UV Flatbed Printers

maxcan uv printer

First, place UV flatbed printers on level surface. If it is placed on uneven ground, printing speed and effects will be affected. Inner structure of the printer will even probably be damaged in this case.Therefore, we should put UV flatbed printers on level and smooth surface and keep the surrounding environment neat and tidy.


Second, keep the UV flatbed printers clean, both inner and outer side.

For outer side, we can use soft cloth with cleaning liquid which includes no alcohol to clean.

For inner side, such as print head and ink supply system, we should use specified cleaning liquid to clean under professional instructions.


Third, no heavy on top.

We should not place heavy things on UV flatbed printers, which will cause damage to the platform and shell. Small things which may fall into the machine also should not be placed on the top. Liquid is also prohibited to put near the printer.


Finally, turn off the printer before unplug the power

If we don’t use the printer or have to move the printer, we have to turn off the power, reset the print head, close the ink tank, unplug the power cable and signal cable. By doing these, ink will not volatilize and print head will not be damaged.