How to Distinguish the Quality of UV Ink of UV Flatbed Printers

UV flatbed and UV ink are inseparable. With many advantages,Uv ink are spreadly applied into markets. There is no doubt that UV ink is very important.Only by choosing nice ink can it offers nice printing effects.How to distinguish the quality of UV ink? Today Maxcan will explain for you.
First of all, to check the printing effects is easy way to check the quality of ink.In fact, there are so many parameters to measure the quality, but if our clients can understand 3 points as below, it will be OK to distinguish the quality of ink.
①Time of drying:It’s necessary to make sure that print heads will not be clogged by ink.
②If it’s easy to clog the print heads.
③Value of 3 original colors
To check the quality, there should be a standard. To choose original ink offered by suppliers is the best and convenient way.
1.Original ink of HP.EP’s time of drying standard:Indoors the ink usually will not be dried within 100 days.To drop one inkdrop instead of water on the non-absorbent material,such as water caps to report the time.To check the drying time of inkdrops. If the drying time is fewer than 100 days, please don’t use this ink.The drying time of ink will relect the suspending time of printers. If our clients don’t turn on printers fluently, they should choose ink whose drying time is more than 100 days.Once the ink drys, it’s hard to recover.
2.Standard samples of UV flatbed printers:(Remak:Though original ink is expensive, it’s better to choose original ink to print the samples. It will save the cost in the future.)Operation on the computer:Start-Attachment-Painting-Drawing a frame less than A4 size-Choose the screen color code-Color box-Pour into frame.To use A4 size paper to print irrespectively,remeber to report the PASS quantity.After printing, mark the color code places in the screen to make sure the consistency of check.Then standard sample is ready.
To choose purchased ink to check the quality of ink,it will require A4 size paper to print,too.
①If the PASS quantity is less than that of original ink,it shows that the purchased ink has higher adhesion and greater tension.(Remark:higher adhesion:the printing will be with break lines;greater tension:the ink supply is not enough.)
②Compared with standard samples,the printing of purchased ink is with uneven colors and lines indicating the direction of print heads, it shows that the ink will clog the print heads.
③The colors are similar to that of standard samples, which shows that the reducibility of ink is very nice. If the colors are more shallow,the printing pictures will be more shallow. Otherwise,it will be deeper.