How to Control UV Flatbed Printer Cost

After purchasing an uv flatbed printer, customer hope to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs  and quickly achieve profitability. Then how can customer control UV Flatbed Printer costs?

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uv flatbed printer ink costs control:

1. DPI

DPI is resolution, simply, inkjet points in every square. The more inkjet points, the more vivid of the picture. And ink is consumed more.


2. Printing white ink

Some materials need to be printed with white ink whose price generally higher than color UV ink. If the same DPI inkjet, and you spray more Layer of white ink, the cost will be higher.


3. Embossed effect

If customers print material with full color pattern, the cost of printing ink is about 6-7 yuan per square meter. Embossed effect will be a little more expensive. If you do background wall, it is not recommended to print embossed effect. Customers can order sandblasting machine to carve and then print picture.