How to Avoid Color Distortion of UV Flatbed Printers

The light colors of UV printing products cannot be darken only by adding inkdrops. After finding that the colors aren’t darken in time by adding inkdrops, it can be concluded that water is overmuch.It’s necessary to keep the balance between water and ink. If the new products of UV Flatbed printers show that colors are dusky and the media is soft and the surface is shining,which means that the water is overmuch.
Misregistering,overprint faults, paper surface galling or peeling and so on are common matters during the printing. If when the printer is under good condition,there are still these matters, it can be concluded that the ink supply of the printer is overmuch.
The balance between water and ink can be maintained during the printing process. It should be seriously controlled to avoid ink emulsification,which will make sure the products coherent and colorful. It’s a reflection of ability to control balance between water and ink.UV flatbed printers probably adjust the pressure among water rollers, ink rollers and the plate cylinders.