How to adjust the thickness of the ink

  Recently, some customers ask us how the UV flatbed printer to adjust the thickness of the ink.Here we would like to make some explanations.

  Generally speaking, ink thickness is based on three aspects. Firstly, the material.If the printed material is very soft and in small density, ink quantity should be increased by 20%-40%. Secondly, the required color. If customer requires rich and vivid color, ink thickness also should be increased. Finally, 3D effect . This effect is achieved by applying more ink. Below are the tips to adjust the ink thickness.

Tip one. To set percentage of the ink amount in the printing software.

Tip two. To set the printing times in the printing software.

By any one of these two tips, we can save inks and improve printing effects.


Maxcan UV flatbed printer has one auxiliary function, namely feathering percentage between 0%-200%. By increasing the percentage, we can get pictures with richer color and higher precision. 

It is a wrong idea that the thicker of the ink, the better of the printing effect. And if we can’t set the parameters correctly, it is hard to get good printing effects.