How to adjust the ink thickness by universal printer

Universal printer is more and more popular in the printing machine.After all, it is the new model, and a lot of people are not familiar with universal printer .Compared with the traditional machine,universal printer has many advantages.But many manufacturers are still at the stage of summing up experience grope for new universal printer. For Maxcan ,The quality of the universal printer can stand up to test. Recently, there is customer consultation, can universal printer change the ink thickness, how to change, what’s the specific way. Now, let me explain to everybody here:
Generally speaking, domestic uv printer is four color commonly, the standard of industrial equipment is six color or eight color.There are three factors about changing the thickness of the ink .The first factor is the type and color of material.You will need to increase 20% to 40% of the amount of ink If the material surface is soft , the aperture is bigger, and the base color of material is deeper. The second factor is the demand of picture. You also need to increase the thickness of the ink appropriately if the picture color is deeper, and require more gorgeous color.The last factor is up to special demand.You need to increase the thickness of the ink if pursuit the 3d effect of relievos.To change the thickness of the ink, please try to the following method:
You can set the percentage of the amount of inkjet in the printing software or set printing times to change the thickness of the ink. On the one hand,You can save ink. On the other hand,You can promote the printing quality.
Improve the thickness of the ink, the uv printer have a auxiliary function by setting the percentage of the eclosion.It is usually between 0% and 200%. You need to open the function of eclosion if the picture which system printed is more exquisite, and the color is more rich. The value is bigger, and the effect is better.But it will reduce the speed of the production.So how to choose is up to the user’s actual needs.
Please pay attention to :It is not true that the thicker you print, the better it will be. And it will affect the printing color quality if set unreasonable.