How much is the phone case printer?

How much is the phone case printer? With the occupation of the smart phone market, and people’s mobile phone shell of the individual requirements getting higher and higher, the old model printers are unable to meet customer requirements. The launch of the phone shell printer  can print a variety of colors,embossing effect and quickly occupied the mobile phone shell market.

The phone case printer advantages:

1, low-cost, fast, plate arbitrary

The phone shell printer can directly print, without other intermediate media and no longer run to the professional plate-making company so as to save time and trouble.

2, shorten the production time

Shortening the production time from the equipment we use and the maturity of the technology to start. The first is the production speed of equipment, UV flatbed printer is used in high-tech inkjet printing technology, so that the nozzle is not directly printed with the substrate, to achieve high-speed printing.

3, high precision

The phone shell printer can achieve high-precision moire, fine lines and other patterns, improve product quality, reduce the loss of film outlets, while solving the problem of imposition.

4, human capital savings

There is also the most important reduction in labor costs, UV flatbed printer will be the traditional four or five people to complete the printing process, reduced to the highest only 1 people can be completed. And the flatbed printer for the operator’s technical requirements are not high, so that companies find a technician to reduce the difficulty and the need to pay the wage pressure is not high, thereby enhancing the profits of enterprises.

5, multi-function

To provide monochrome and color printing capabilities to meet a variety of silk screen needs. Applications: cloth printing, blanket printing, towel printing, T-shirt printing, leather printing, glass printing, steel printing, ceramic printing, ceramic flower paper and other flat material.