How Do UV Flatbed Printers Control Ink Thickness

UV Flatbed printers are more and more popular in printing market. But it’s still a new type of printer, many people are not familiar with it. Though compared with traditional printers, UV flatbed printers have many advantages. But many clients are still during the process of study. However,for Maxcan, the quality of UV flatbed printers can be made sure. Recently, there is a client consulting with Maxcan if ink thickness can be adjusted, and how to adjust. So Now we will explain this for our clients.

Usually in China, UV printers are equipped with four colors, and for industrial printers,they are equipped with six or eight colors. To adjust ink thickness depends on 3 aspects. Firstly, it’s related to printing material and material’s color. If the material is soft and the color is deep,it requires to add 20%~40% ink to print. Secondly, it’s related to the printing picture. If the color of picture is deep and the picture is colorful,it requires to add some ink to print. Thirdly, it depends on the special requirements. If requiring the embossed effect, it requires to add the ink thickness.

If our clients want to change the ink thickness,please try the ways as below:

In printing software, our clients can set the percentage of inkjet and PASS quality to change the ink thickness. It can save the ink and enhance the printing quality.

To adjust the ink thickness, there is another way to adjust the percentage of emergence,which is about 0%~200%. If our clients require the printing pictures more exquisite and more colorful, it will require to use percentage of emergence. The higher percentage is better. At the smae time, of course, it will lower the printing speed. So this function needs to be decided by actual demands of clients.

It should be paid attention to that the adjust of ink thickness doesn’t means that thicker ink is better. If it cannot be set probably, the printing effect will not be very nice.