How dose UV Flatbed Printer Print QR Code on the Phone Covers

Maxcan Tells You: How dose UV Flatbed Printer Print QR Code on the Phone Covers.

What should be paid attention to when UV flatbed printer print QR code on the phone covers?

As we all know,QR code is a particular geometry black and white graphic record data symbol information placed according to certain rules.QR code printing without quality often leads to bulk products loss, so the print quality is one of the main topics for QR code printing enterprises.
Then,what should be paid attention to when Cell phone case printing machine print QR code on the phone covers? Here come the Maxcan to tell you.

1. Note the distance between print heads and phone covers.
Distance between phone covers and print heads is usually about 2mm, but sometimes because of Phone Case fox degrees,it easily leads to changes of distance during the printing process, then it will occur to barcode guilty, broken or scratched smearing.

2.Parameter adjustment for different materials.
For different print production tasks, the substrate will have a corresponding change. When there is a great difference btween two materials, the printer must be tested or needed to change parameters such as precision, temperature of heads and so on by experience to meet the production in a large quantity.

3. Empty insufficient to eliminate.
Empty insufficiency of QR code is referring to the last empty black bars in the right of QR code. Its main role is to prevent the other color Block to influence when scanning QR code. Usually in the design and plate-making, many operators tend to focus on only the black stripesIf space is not enough,they casually occupy emptywithout noting that the empty is also very important.

4.avoid empty color combinations error.
The current national standard only lists the standard provisions of article empty color combinations to be met, which is not specifically
show which can be used in combination and which can not be used in combination. In actual production,for difficult decide combination,
We only can printing according to instruction.After detecting without problem, it can be mass-produced.

In addition, there are some mistakes during QR code printing such as wrong place, low quality of printing, wrong mobile phone shell material and so on,which require operators’ attention.