How Does UV Printer Solve Problem of odor generated from Varnish

How Does UV Digital printing machine Solve Problem of odor generated from Varnish?

A. uv varnish odor is not completely dried and cured.
Solution: You can reduce the printing speed or increase the light power.

B. uv printer ultraviolet lamp aging or inadequate.
Solution: Replace and select the appropriate UV lamps. Currently high pressure mercury lamp offers the average life as 1000 hours. with time going by, the electrode is gradually decomposed to produce tube deposition, then transparency and UV transparent rate will gradually decline.Therefore the lamp should be on a regular detection and promptly replace the faulty lamp to ensure complete curing UV ink.
In addition, taking UV lamp properly must be noted. It should not hold the quartz glass body of UV lamp.Otherwise, the grease on the skin will adhere on quartz glass; it only can hold the ceramic end, or with non-wearing hemp Cloth gloves to hold. Whenever touch UV lamps, the grease can be cleaned with an alcohol solvent scrub.

C.the antioxidant interference uv Varnish printer uses is poor.
Solution: strengthening workshop ventilation and exhaust (air) system.

D.uv irreactive diluent in Varnish of printer are too much.
Solution: UV Varnish types must be replaced when necessary.
UV Varnish is transparent,so shine ultraviolet light can go through from the top to end without any obstacles.
When test quality,you can awab the varnish on ordinary white paper or white cardboard surface with a brush. The coating thickness is about 0.5mm or slightly thicker, placed under UV light to cure. If the coating surface without any bubbles after curing and the surface smoothness is very good, indicating good quality of UV varnish you purchased.