How Can We Make UV Flatbed Printers in Best Working Status?

UV flatbed printers are rapidly occupying printing industry. Cpu, memory and hard disk light electronic components of flatbed printer are sensitive to static electricity. At the same time, it’s better to avoid contacting with the moist air. Print heads inside the printer also need better protection and conservation. Besides,how can we operate flatbed printer in a better way?

A. Let flatbed printer be in the best working status.
UV flatbed printer is expensive. To make it create the highest efficiency and best pattern, we must make conservation to let it in best working condition. Though led uv flatbed printer is easy to operate, the user still must develop good operating practices.

The method of operation is very simple.On the switch panel,there are a lot of control keys, among which there is a power supply control key.But the power switch is not directly connected with the external power supply, but have their own unique control of the control associated external power supply. Turn on or turn off the printer, the system will make initialization. Initialization work includes:
1. printhead and paper positioning and reset.
2. Detect if the panel of the printer cover is closed.
3. head cleaning.
This system initialization can effectively reduce failure rate to remove potential failure risks.

B. To provide a good environment
On the surface of UV flatbed printer printhead, there are many tiny nozzles, so the printer’s environment must be clean.Besides, dust is also easy access to printing inks which change the structure of the ink,affecting the color of the print product.

If the indoor humidity is too high, not only expensive printer basic mechanical parts easily getting rusty, but also the print head. Working environmental temperature changes of flatbed printer should not be too great.Because the nozzle aperture of flatbed printer is very slim, if the environmental temperature changes too fast, thermal expansion of the parts will cause excessive wear of mechanical parts.The size of the nozzle diameter will affect print quality.

Flatbed printer routine maintenance and repair work are necessary. With good operating environment, proper usage and cleaning, it can reduce the failure rate of the printer, potentially increasing the effective working time of the printer for enterprises to create more value, more profit.