High precision high speed UV flatbed printer

  • Equipped with grey-scale print head, support 4 level grey-scale printing.
  • Standard production mode printing speed: 83 sqm/hr (890 sq.ft/hr).
  • Optional printing size: 2.5m x 1.3m (4 x 8 ft) and 2.0m x 3.0m (6.5 x 9.8 ft).
  • Support Spot white color undercoat, spot white and overcoat, optional varnish printing.
  • Optimized printing for glass, acrylic, plastic and metal.

All steel frame structure
All steel frame structure with 5mm tube wall, passed 8 destructive tests, ensuring high strength, precision and stability.

Media Thickness auto-detect system
Equipped with media thickness auto-detect system, guarantee a smooth printing process with self-adjustment.

Imported Servo Motors
Imported servo motors and belts ensure mechanical precision, long duration and stable performance.

Anti-collision system of print head
Installed unique anti-collision system for print head, easier to adapt for a wide range of media, avoid damaging to print head by any disoperation.

Germany IGUS Drag Chain
Drag chains on X axis imported from Germany make it perfect to protect calbes and tubes under high speed motion and reduce noises to the least.

Electronic Ball Valve for Vacuum platform
Unique electronic ball valves to control vacuum platform sections, tested for 100,000 times,
Making vacuum controlling much easier and more stable.

Hard Anodizing Vacuum Platform
Applied to prevent damages from hard materials, provide better protection for table.

Imported Double Lead Screws
Verified by our engineer 15-years’in fine-tuning and tests on Y-axis, passed destructive tests on actual machine running, delivering ultra-high precision of mechanical transition, durability and stability.

Professional RIP software
Equipped with Ultraprint RIP software, optional for Photoprint and Onyx RIP center or Production House 12.

Ideal for printing on glass, aluminum, solid wood, corrugated boxes, laminated wood, foam boards, sign posters, Sidewalk sign, PVC board, metal, plastic sheet, wall paper, stone, marble, ceramic tiles, fabric etc.