imaxcan 2512RV uv flatbed printer

Gen6 print head uv printer


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imaxcan 2512RV uv flatbed printer

  • 2512RV UV Printer

  • iMaxcan 2019 new product 2512RV uv flatbed printer uses gen6 print head, gen6 print head Compared with gan5 print head, gen6 print head has enhanced bonding technology for each printhead, which enhances ink compatibility and is compatible with all inks such as UV, water and solvent. In particular, the compatibility with water-based inks has been greatly improved, and the lifespan has been more than doubled. Can print sign board, digital accessories, leather products, glass and ceramics, home furnishing, packaging products and gifts,etc
  • The Gen6 printhead UV printer has a significant improvement over the Gen5 printhead UV printer:                                                                                                                                 
  • 1, the new variable ink technology, the ink droplets are smaller, from 7PL to 5PL; technology can achieve perfect image quality at high speed or low resolution.
  • 2, the ignition frequency is higher, from 30KHZ to 50KHZ; increase the printing speed and achieve a substantial increase in production efficiency.
  • 3, ink compatibility is stronger, compatible with two types of ink.
  • 4, Ricoh Gen6 print head data cable is detachable, providing a more convenient design for after-sales maintenance and print head maintenance.
  • 5,Print head life has been extended by more than 2 times.
 Technical Data
Model Type MC2512RV
Print head type RICOH Gen6
Print head quantity (White color,C,M,Y,K,LC,LM and varnish bening printed at one time)2-8H
Printing platform Hard oxidation platform
Printing precision 720dpi*600dpi 720dpi*900dpi 720dpi*1200dpi
Print Speed Production mide:25.8mm/h,Standard mode:38.7mm/h,Quality mode:18.8mm/h
Printing mode Uni-directional and BI-directional
Print color KCMYLcLm+W+V、KCMY+W+V(optional)
RIP software Ultraprint, Sharp, Photoprint, Monte, Onyx
Net weight 1150KG
File format TIFF, BMP, EPS, JPEG, PDF, etc.
Interface USB3.0
Printing size (2500mm*1240mm)±2mm
Media thickness 0.1-80mm
Power consumption 5KW (40A)
Power specification AC220V±5%  50HZ~60HZ
Printer Dimension 4180mm*2065mm*1400mm(L*W*H)
Operational environment Temperature: 18°C-30°C ,
Humidity:30-70 % RH

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2.Professional and experienced technicians will offer on-site installation service,on-line . instruction, Free training on installation & operation will be offered.
iMaxcan will provide one year warranty excluding consumables.

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