Five tips for maintenance of UV flatbed printers in summer

maxcan uv printer

Tip one. Right temperature.

UV flatbed printers should be placed at shady environment where can avoid high temperature and direct sunlight. Usually, the temperature should be kept within 19℃~32℃ and humidity within 25%~70%.

Tip two. Turn off power and moisturizing

When you don’t use the printer for a long time, you should turn off the power and moisturizing the printer. Don’t keep the printer in standby mode which will raise the temperature of the printer.

Tip three. Print test strip. Inks tend to become dry when temperature is high. After turn on the printer, you should print test strip first to check whether the print head is clogged by inks.

Tip four.  Keep the printer clean for both inner and outer side. To thoroughly clean the printer for one time each week.

Tip five.  To check the flat cable each day. Flat cable should be kept tight and clean each day.