FAQ about Maxcan machines

Q: Is UV curable ink environmentally friendly? What protections should I take when I use a UV printer?
A: UV curable ink conforms with the standard of REACH, RoHD and CE, being virtually free of volatile organic compounds (VOC). So yes, UV curable ink is environmentally friendly.
Considering UV(ultraviolet) can cause skin and eye irritation or even chemical blister burns if prolonged direct contact, impervious gloves, protective glasses, impervious aprons and shoes (Press operators) are suggested when you use a UV printer.

Q: What are the applications of UV flatbed printers?
A: Almost all flat material could be applied with UV flatbed printers, including metal, glass, ceramic tiles, phone cases, wood (MDF), PVC, KT board, acrylic, foam board, plastic, etc.

Q: How can I buy a Maxcan Printer?
A: List your requirements in details and email to sales@maxcanprinter.com, and our sales representative will contact you a.s.a.p. And also welcome to visit our company office and factory for a face-to-face conversation.

Q: How can I get service support?
A: Maxcan offers on-time online service for our customers on http://www.maxcanprinter.com/, lifelong support for installing machines via video, phone or email. If on-site support is required, a round way ticket, Visa and local accommodations should be arranged by our customer.

Q: How can I get spare parts and ink?
A: You coud get spare parts and inks by contacting sales@maxcan.cn or visiting our website http://www.maxcanprinter.com/ for more supports.

Q: How can I get free training courses?
A: Maxcan offers 3-5 days free training in our factory and training courses conclude how to use the software, how to operate the machine, how to keep daily maintenance, and useful printing technologies, etc.

Q:Does Maxcan need the distributors in other countries?
A: Yes, worldwide distributors wanted. Surely there are some requirements for distributors. If you are interested to be our distributor, please contact us.

Q: What is your shipping time if I play an order?
A: We will arrange shipment within 10-15 days after receiving the deposit. Urgent delivery will be treated differently.

Q: Whether your machine is suitable to print on glass with thickness of 7mm?
A: Yes, the maximum thickness could up to 8mm.

Q: How many UV lamps are there in the machine? 1 or 2?
A: 2.

Q: Would 1 UV lamp be OK if print in bidirectional mode without chromatic banding?
A: No.

Q: What is the RIP that comes with the machine? Could I choose PhotoPrint?
A: Ultraprint. Yes, PhotoPrint is available, but extra dollars will be charged.

Q: Will it be possible to replace the color of the Carriage covers?
A: Yes.

Q: What’s the printing cost ? Are the boards under warranty?
A: It’s about 79-98 cents per sqm. Yes, boards are under warranty.