Factors to Influence Printing Speed of UV Flatbed Printers

The printing speed of UV flatbed printers are usually measured by printing dimension per minute. However, for UV flatbed printers, there is a part of mechanical motion. So the speed is limited by design of printers to a great degree. What’s more, the printing speed is directly limited by the printing precision and doc outputs.

In fact,there is no doubt that whichever printer you require, if you match it with a main engine,whose hardware and software are designed and developed in good condition, it will be very necessary. And for hardware, it should be equipped with large storage and high speed.And in BIOS, it should be set as ECC+EPP mode. It’s necessary to deal with disk fragmentation, update the latest printing program and choose the probable printing software. Besides,for different printers,there should be different ways to update.

The printing speed of UV Flatbed printer is related to nozzles of print heads. The quantity of nozzles often decides the quality of printers.The quantity of nozzles is limited by process technology,cost and so on, so it cannot be so many. Currently, UV flatbed printers apply new technology to speed the printing without increasing nozzles.