Epson DX5 Print Head

maxcan flatbed printer epson dx5

  1. Print head width is 24.5mm. It has 8 arrays nozzles with 180 nozzles per array, total 1440 nozzles.
  2. Applied unique wave variable printing technology to remove the test stripes caused by PASS lines, which makes the image perfectly.
  3. FDT technology: when ink reduces from any nozzle, it will immediately get a frequency conversion signal, thereby to open nozzle, which is an unique technology to Maxcan, greatly extending the service life of customers’ printers.
  4. EPSON print head offers higher resolution printing than Ricoh GEN5 head. It offers inkdot as 3.5PL, which makes printing image to show staggering resolution as 2880dpi, comparable to high-definition pictures. As small as 0.2mm fitness or even like fine hair, it is easy to make conclusion that no matter how small the material is, EPSON head can offer high resolution printing.
  5. EPSON print head is suitable for water-based inks, but not suitable for oil-based ink. Oil-based ink will lead to head clog or damage.