Difference between Printing Effects and Actual Effects of UV Flatbed Printers

While printing by UV flatbed printers,careful users will find that the printing color is a little different from the actual color they want.Now Maxcan will explain the reasons why there is difference between printing effects and actual effects.
1.The problem of UV flatbed printers
The stability of a UV flatbed printer can be shown by printing effects.A nice printer will not show the difference between printing effects and actual effects.Besides,the printing precision can influence the printing effects.The higher print heads precision is,the better printing effect is,which can avoid the difference between printing effects and actual effects.Among print heads,the precision of EPSON is the highest, so it’s the best one to print exquisite images.
2.The problem of ink
There are many kinds of UV ink in the market,which makes it hard to choose ink .Thus,it’s better to choose the ink from supplier which is better to fit the performance of printers.That’s why suppliers want their customers can choose their ink.
3.The problem of operation
A picture which needs to be printed must be dealt with by picture process software.During this process,if workers damage the colors of pictures by misoperation,then there will be difference between printing effects and actual effects.
The main reasons are as above, so if users can pay attention to avoiding above situations, the difference can be avoided.
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