Daily inspection and maintenance for UV flatbed printer

maxcan uv printer

1.Clean the workplace, keep clean and no dust;
2.Temperature 20-30℃, humidity 40% -70%;
3.Remove the debris, dust, ink stains and other dirt on machine base, gantry, carriage and the main cartridge on;
4.Remove the thread, dust, ink stains and other dirt on the printing platform;
5. Clean with distilled water or ion water, remove the ink stains around the moisturizing cap , clean ink stains on the scrapper and the surrounding dirt;
6.Use clean cloth with cleaning liquid to gently rub the bottom plate;Remove the dry ink and dirt around print head.
7.Use water to clean the ink and dirt on the mesh.
8.Check whether the waste ink tank on the cleaning and moisturizing position is full , timely drain it;