Common Words Parsing

Sculpture of art:the images of sculpture of art are mainly images formed by lines and figures,which involve modern lines,European figures and object frames.It’s common to engrave images at first,then workers spray golden or silver paint.On light media,this technology can be used to provide elegant and splendid products.
Three-dimensional sculpture: It’s complex.Exquisite sculpture on the brick surface is a must.After that, many times of film makings are needed according to the structure of images.Then with highly precise positioning,UV printers are used to make 3D inkjet.The output effect can be 1:1 to show the effect of oil painting.So it’s nice for sculpture of oil painting and freehand brushworks.
Plane color printing:put coating on the surface of engraved ceramic tiles,then use setting wall UV printers to print. In the end,put varnish on the surface,which can protect setting walls.
Colorful reliefs:To make multilevel sculptures on the surface of ceramic tiles.After finishing,there are some unevenness on the surface and subject parts are all protruded.Combined embossment and engraving, it will provide a exquisite and complex image.Several single multilevel sculptures make products vivid and nice.
Colorful engraving:It’s complex and requires professional skills to engrave on the ceramic tile surface.After engraving,there are many unevenness,which is very vivid.And the technology is suitable for images of various styles.It will bring exquisite sculptures to setting walls and show the details,such as feather of birds,pistils and petals of flowers in meticulous flowers-and-birds  painting.This technology is complex and of high requirements for engraving.
Colorful art carving:This technology is suitable for images which is well-bedded.It can show images’ artistry and vitality.It’s usually part of ceramic tiles will be remained to match the images to make whole image harmonious.