Categories of UV Printers for Background Wall

Based on different media, UV printers can be divided into 3 categories: for ceramic background wall,for glass background wall and for wallpaper background wall. The printing theory of these 3 categories is the same, the only difference is the fabrication processing before and after printing. Now Maxcan will introduce these 3 categories of printers as below.
UV printers for ceramic background wall are applied into printing of various ceramic tiles.It should be paid attention to that some ceramic tiles are made with glaze,which are slippy. So they need to be dealt with coating. Some without glaze can be printed directly.
UV printers for glass background wall have 2 points under the application.Firstly, glass printing is often a mirror image printing,which prints in back and see the images in front. The advantage is that image will not be touched by people,waterproof and scratch-resistant. Secondly,the fabrication processing of glass printing is jetting polishing oil,which prolongs the printing images’ service time and enhance the performance of waterproof, heat-resistance and scratch-resistance.
Silkscreen printing is the main traditional technology of wallpaper background wall printing. According to the requirements of market with increasing individualization and customization,UV printers generally used in wallpaper background wall.Overall,in the whole UV background wall printing area, wallpaper printing is little.
Maxcan TS-1015 is a flatbed printer developed by Maxcan.It equipped with EPSON Dx5 print heads, combined with core technology of large format pictorials machine in China. The features of TS-1015 are large printing dimension, high-speed with double print heads, high-precision, durability,lower cost and so on. And it’s highly stable and adjustable with fewer errors,which save much cost.
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