Broad Market for UV Flatbed Printers

Why are there increasing customers prefering UV flatbed printers. We’ve introduced advantages of UV flatbed printers before,today we will talk about more details.

1.LED UV lamps can be turned on or off without being preheated,which saved time and power.

2.LED UV lamps solidify ink without pollution and smell, it can solidify instantly and hard to fade away.

3.With high-precision printing effect,EPSON Dx5 heads offer precision as 1440 dpi.

4.Z-axis can be up and down to adjust the distance between media and materials.

5.Carriage move with ink stack at the same time to avoid sucking the ink to work when Z-axis lower down.It will offer easier operation and less time.
UV flatbed printers can print on various media,such as plastic (ABS,PC,PE,PP,PU,PVC and so on),acrylic,metal,wooden boards,glass,crystal,ceramic tiles,advertising signs,paper boards,carpet,leather,garment and so on.

UV flatbed printers can be applied into various industries as below:
A.ornaments industries & glass industries;
B.Advertising Sign industries;
C.Exhibition industries;
D.Hard cardboard packaging industries;
E.Leather & Garment industries.
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UV Flatbed Printers
UV Flatbed Printers