Analysis of UV Printers Development Prospect in China,2015

As a high-tech full color digital printer free of plate making, UV printers are not limited by different media.Namely, UV printers can be applied into T-shirts,sliding doors,cabinet doors,glass, various boards, signs,crystal,PVC, acrylic,metal, plastic,stone,leather and so on.
The analysis of UV printers development prospect in China,2015, is as below:
Since the appearance of UV printers,they occupied 60% of the market rapidly with great advantages.With time going by,people’s living standard has been enhanced day by day and they developed higher demands for life. So it’s hard for people to satisfy the printed matters before. But the appearance of UV printers meets the increasing demands of life,which can provide pleasing printed matters to make much profit.Stimulated by great profits,more and more people participate in this industry and study the printing effects,improving the UV printing technologies. New technologies are applied into UV printers, which makes a positive cycle.
Recently, UV flatbed printers get client favors by its nice performance on inkjet and color printing and its comprehensive printing applications. UV flatbed printers develop a good way to improve themselves.UV flatbed printers can provide printings of individualization to catch up with trends. From graphic quick printing to printings of individualization, it’s not only an improvement of printing,but also freedom. You can print favorite images on garment,cups,wallets,glass,even ceramics, doors,windows and any media you can think of. And for printing dimension and applications.the biggest one is equipped with printing dimension of 2.5M*1.3M. As for special requirements,suppliers can provide customized printers with larger printing dimension.
Anyway,UV printers inevitably show a rising trend.The applications of UV printers are various from graphic printing and poster printing to packaging,garments,ornaments and so on. Most enterprises are inclined to branding.The color printings are increasing which decrease monochrome packaging, posters and so on. So demands of UV printers increase,too.
Now the applications of UV printers are approaching upscale commerce,such as ornamental glass industry,building materials industry,advertisement industry,ceramic industry and so on.After the printing of individualization, the price will get twice or thrice than that of ordinary printing matters, so the profit is very nice. With the innovation and development of UV printers,it will be popular to use UV printers in upscale commerce.
Currently, most factories have started mass production,such as phone cases printing,portable charger shells printing,U disk shells printing and so on.UV printers can provide nice performance,high-precision,high-speed and low price. So most factories have started scale production.
After checking various industries,we believe UV printers can stand out in the market by its nice printing effects and comprehensive applications.