Advice from Maxcan: The five factors of affecting the effects of UV flatbed printers

1.Operative skills

The method of using UV flatbed printers is one of the factors to directly affect the printing effect.To print out high quality products,the operator must accept more professional training to learn the operation.Most consumers can ask the factory to provide the corresponding technical training and guidance when making purchase UV flatbed printers.

2.Coating Treatment

To design a more perfect image to print on the surface material,part materias which be printed will be required a special coating.It is very important to coating processing.At first,it must be uniform.Uniform coating will be color uniform. Second you should choose to a right coating, do not mix.

3.UV ink

UV flatbed printer need to use special ink, and general factory will form a complete set of sale.UV ink will directly affect the quality of the printing effect.So different types of machines need to choose a different ink. It is best to find a factory directly to purchase or use the ink manufacturers recommend.UV ink itself can react with printed material.

4.The material

The understanding of Operators for the material will also affect the printing effect.It can penetrate certain percentage, and the degree of the material’spermeability is different.So the familiarity of operator with printed materials will affect the printing the final effect.

5.The factors of Image

You need to consider whether is the effect of printed images themselves when UV flatbed printers have no problem.It is definitely not good printing effect if the pixels of the image is very general.It cannot achieve higher quality print results, even to finishing pictures.

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