Advantages of Inkjet Flatbed Printers

What’s the advantage of Maxcan inkjet flatbed printers?Why inkjet printers can be favored by so many customers? Maxcan will explain for you.
Maxcan develops softwares for multi-function digital flatbed printers,which can achieve the smart and precise printing positioning.Just to put media on any places of the printing flatbed, the carriage can move into the relevant place to make the printing,which brings the convenient and comfortable operation.
The advantages of inkjet flatbed printers:
1.1 pcs can be printed, you will no long worry about plate making, tinted and complex dry board procedures to waste your cost and time.
2.It can print multi-colors,complex color and intermediate color. Full color printing can be finished at one shot.
3.For uneven surface of media,traditional printers can do nothing, but for flatbed printers, they can.
4.The height of media sometimes will makes people headache,from now on, don’t worry, the height beyond 20cm will be accepted by flatbed printers.
5.The printing color of silk screen printing is less,and leather printing machine is expensive. Thermal transfer printing will damage the products. So try to use flatbed printers to remove the worries.
6.Imprecise positioning is the reason why traditional printers produce so many defective products.But flatbed printers can avoid this.
7.Various media can be printed ,the compatibility is very nice.
8.Professional color control software. The colors can be changed by any time without any charge.
9.It can be equipped with any output software and supports any picture format.
10.Computer operation can be mastered within 30 minutes.
11.What’s more, the cost of flatbed printers is low to enhance your competitiveness.
More information please find in Maxcan website.