Advantages and Disadvantages of UV Ink

These days we talked much about UV ink, we believe that clients have known much about UV ink of UV flatbed printers. Today we will explain some advantages and disadvantages of UV ink to you.

Advantages of UV ink are as below:
1.No need to add any solvent, the speed of ink curing is fast.
2.Printing quality is better and vairous media can be printed.
3.With nice glossiness,it only requires partly varnishing.
4.Vairous printing effects with special treatments such as refraction, grinding and Zou Wen.

Disadvantages of UV ink are as below:
1.The printing process is complex with UV lamps.
2.While using UV ink printing, if the ink cannot be dried totally, it will do harm to human bodies.
3.The adhesion is bad,only with coating, it can provide nice adhesion.

UV flatbed printers produced from Maxcan have their relevant UV ink in Maxcan. We advise our clients to buy the UV ink in original suppliers. Because it’s guarantee of quality and the match between printers and ink.