Colorful multi-purpose printer

Multicolor multi-purpose printer


We can see there are so many colors can be printed by multi-purpose printer with different kinds of patterns and fashion elements, which never fail to fascinate people all the time. What’s more, simple printing process, no follow-up working procedures and digitalization of operation are also the advantages of our multi-purpose printer.

Few years ago, Maxcan has already independently researched and developed and cooperated with some scientific research institutions and top research centers with years’ accumulation and continuous improvement. Our multi-purpose printer was developed in 2011, which is ideal for many industrial areas such as wood, glass, crystal, PVC, ABS, acrylic, metal, plastic, stone, leather, fabric, Chinese art paper and textile.

Controlled by computer and software inputting, multi-purpose printer can really reach a colorful visual effect with eight or up to eleven ink cartridges installed, which seems to bring us to a fairy tale world. Yes that is why we always satisfy clients’ pickiest and the most critical requirement of colors.